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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Music Labels Won LimeWire Again

Although LimeWire was shut down a couple years ago after the American courts decided that the service is responsible for copyright violation, the company is still good to pay.


As we can see, LimeWire’s financial nightmare still isn’t over. The RIAA appeared to be just a part of LimeWire’s nemesis, followed by the independent record labels who won another important fight against the now defunct service.

The settlement is evaluated between $5m and $10m, and is considered the biggest victory obtained by independent labels against piracy. Although this figure isn’t as impressive as that of the RIAA’s ($105m), it is still a victory. Meanwhile, the details of the settlement weren’t made public.

Merlin is a music rights agency fighting for independent artists like Adele and Arctic Monkeys labels. Its members’ market share in the United States is about10%, which means that the outfit basically represents the largest and most compelling basket of global independent rights worldwide. The LimeWire’s settlement proves both Merlin’s diligence in protecting its artists’ rights and the value of their labels’ repertoire. Earlier, Merlin also obtained a $3.6 million deal against American XM Satellite Radio.

The outfit’s CEO Charles Caldas added that the exclusion of independent labels from many major settlements like Kazaa was a reason to form Merlin, and now the organization is proud to say that this time its members’ rights have been properly protected. The outfit also admitted that it was very satisfying to announce this settlement and promised to continue doing whatever it can to make sure that the independent labels are never left out in the cases like that again.

As you know, LimeWire was launched back in 2000 and, along with Kazaa, Grokster, eDonkey and Napster, represented a very significant piece in the history of music file-sharing.

Meanwhile, Merlin is planning to facilitate legitimate business models, as well as to help independent artists increase their profits. Within the past years, the outfit has closed around 15 deals with such services as Spotify, Muve and Google Music. Hopefully, the organization is moving in the right direction and will try to implement innovative business models instead of stupidly suing everyone like the other anti-piracy outfits do.

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