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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chinese Users Occupied White House Website

The experts pointed at the Chinese visitors that had been noticed flooding President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and overloading the service with their funny comments.


The observers and the rest of the netizens got used to watching denial of service attacks against political websites. Meanwhile, everyone knows that talking about politics is generally blocked by the Great Firewall of China. However, for some reason this country has changed some of the rules and consequently made logging into website of White House possible.

The media of the United States calls this movement “Occupy Obama”, with the Chinese Internet users suddenly noticing that Google’s Plus service became widely accessible during the recent weeks. Meanwhile, the comments on the Obama campaign’s verified account appeared to be mostly in Chinese language and reached a torrent within the last week. The problem is that the comments annoyed some of the Americans who felt it should have been them to comment on Obama, while the job of the Chinese people was to quietly make them iPads.

Those who could read Chinese admitted that most of the comments left on the site were fun. The Chinese wanted a green card, or were wishing the end to Communist Party rule or were calling to the freeing of a blind legal advocate, Chen Guangcheng, who has been held captive in his house. Some of the Chinese were even calling for American freedom.

Ironically enough, the Chinese users believed that the Occupy Wall Street movement was very important because it provided people with the opportunity to protest peacefully. However, if the Chinese occupied president Hu, they would all have been in trouble in their own country. That’s why they politely thanked Obama for giving them a chance to occupy his website instead.

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