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Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Streaming And Locker Service

In our days, when cyberlockers fear so much to continue file-sharing, it’s good to see new players in this field. Seattle-based Audiogalaxy is a new Internet music product offering streaming and locker services, which combines features of both iTunes Match and Pandora.

During the interview, the owner of Audiogalaxy explained that the fresh service is able to offer music fans a tunable music experience. Internet users can now play their own tracks anywhere without having to upload, copy, or sync them, or lean back and start discovering music they do not own through Mixes.

If you want to try it and start streaming music right from your computer, you have to first sign up with the service, then install its “Helper” and you’re ready to go. Unlike Google, Amazon and other cloud-based services, which demand hours of uploading, Audiogalaxy is able to scan up to 200.000 tracks, and stream them to other Internet browsers through P2P. This feature of the service is similar to iTunes Match, but its lacks a signed contract between the service and the record labels.

Talking about unwise features, “Free Mixes” lets Internet users to go beyond their own collections to stream ad-free music from millions of tracks, customized to their individual tastes. However, this music library isn’t licensed by the record labels, but rather is based on other users’ collections that may contain more or less legitimate material. Nevertheless, the creator of the service claimed that they have signed up with SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

The history of the service started back at 2002, when it was just a file-sharing service, and its record is quite controversial. Actually, Audiogalaxy was even closed down by the authorities after a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Eric Garland (former chief executive officer of BigChampagne and a present executive at Live Nation Labs) admitted that he had been using Mixes as a beta tester, and he listened to it on a daily basis. It is quite exciting to see innovation in the music streaming field, particularly when it is focused on engaging fans.

The industry observers point out that it would be interesting to follow the fate of new service, because the Recording Industry Association of America is probably planning its takedown already.

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