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Saturday, January 21, 2012

ACS Law Founder Found Guilty On All Charges

Andrew Crossley, the sole solicitor of the anti-piracy firm ACS Law, was suspended from practice for 2 years and charged penalties of over £70,000 in a well-known file-sharing case called by many “commercial invoicing theme”. That’s where the anti-piracy lawyers threatened thousands of people all over the country by accusing them of piracy and promising to take them to court unless they pay off.


London’s Solicitor Disciplinary Tribunal has finally reached this verdict over the less orthodox methods practiced by Andrew Crossley’s company. These methods included sending out threatening letters to suspected pirates on behalf of an adult content copyrights company, demanding for hundreds of pounds in exchange for avoiding the shame of being brought to the court of law and sued for thousands of pounds.

However, there were actually no full trials, because Crossley has successfully shut down all seventeen cases that made their way to the court. Crossley’s official site was attacked on the Internet, and his e-mails leaked, causing a charge of £200,000 from the Information Commissioner’s Office. Nevertheless, after Andrew Crossley claimed he couldn’t pay that amount of money, the charges dropped to only £800, regardless of proofs of his luxurious lifestyle.

The Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority has followed a complaint and built a case against Andrew Crossley and his ACS Law on 7 charges. Although Crossley did admit on 6 of the charges, he kept denying the seventh – the one talking about the information breach. As a result, Andrew Crossley was found guilty on all charges by the Solicitor Disciplinary Tribunal panel, and charged over £76,000.

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