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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wikipedia Went Offline Protesting Against SOPA And PIPA

Wikipedia decided to express its feelings about the recently suggested copyright acts known worldwide as SOPA and PIPA. Apparently, the service has joined the long line of people actively protesting against the introduced bills and made a statement by going offline recently.

The move in question is intended to make it obvious (again) for people who are yet to realize the complications and danger of having such legislation enforced. Indeed, the authorities and many people supporting SOPA still fail to understand how dramatically their life as Internet users would change without, for instance, a user-generated Internet encyclopedia and other online services that might suffer if these bills get green light.

Nevertheless, for people who are in so much need of knowledge that aren’t able to go without it even for one day, some ways of circumventing this impediment have already been made available. As for the announcement on Wikipedia, it claimed that for over ten years, the service have spent millions of hours creating the largest encyclopedia ever. And right now, the American Congress is discussing the law that could fatally damage the free and open web. That’s why the administrators decided to raise people's awareness by blacking out Wikipedia for 24 hours.

In a way, Wikipedia was still working as an encyclopedia, but that day you could learn only about one issue over there: instead of countless encyclopedia articles, the visitors saw information about the two congressional drafts of the bills and could read the details about how to reach legislators. It also appeared that people using smartphones still could access the full version of the site.

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