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Friday, January 27, 2012

MPAA Threatened Politicians Not Supporting SOPA

The recent move of MPAA’s CEO Chris Dodd looks like an act of desperation. Indeed, it followed numerous protests against proposed anti-piracy bills and lawmakers’ drop of support for them. Dodd showed his true face at Fox News, saying that people who count on quote ‘Hollywood’ for support should realize that the entertainment industry is now watching carefully who is going to stand up for them when it is about their job.


Nevertheless, this has been a known fact, which was even supported by anonymous comments from the industry members promising to stop contributing to Obama. At the same time, this lack of tact from the MPAA’s CEO may prove to be deadly for his future on that position. It seemed that he didn’t realize that the protests weren’t because of the content of the legislation, but because of the corruption. So going on national news and threatening politicians you “own” wasn’t a very wise step, with the public being already on fire.

It became clear that the Motion Picture Association of America doesn’t need a DC insider. Instead, it needs a reformer, someone who would be able to help the movie industry connect with the new market place – someone who clearly understands the essence of the web and can help the studios move forward.

In response, Public Knowledge has issued an incredible statement indicating how far Hollywood’s hypocrisy went and criticized Dodd’s threats. The outfit welcomed constructive dialog with everyone from all involved sectors about the questions over copyright, the state of the entertainment industry and related concerns. The list includes Internet security experts, web engineers, venture capitalists, musicians, businessmen, human rights advocates, professors, consumers and other outfits that had been shut out of the process for those acts.

Meanwhile, the industry experts suggested that if the Motion Picture Association of America was really concerned about the jobs of truck drivers and others in its industry, it could have brought its overseas filming back to the United States and created more jobs. The MPAA could have stopped holding states hostage for millions of dollars in subsidies that strained state budgets simply couldn’t afford, at the same time pushing special legislation through state legislatures. Public Knowledge pointed out that while such things happen, discussions could take place.

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