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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More ISPs Forced To Block BitTorrent Tracker

At the very start of this year two Internet service providers in the Netherlands have already been ordered to block the largest BitTorrent tracker website in the world: now The Pirate Bay can’t be accessed by Dutch web users after a lawsuit filed by anti-piracy outfit BREIN.


Two Internet service providers in question appeared to be Ziggo, which is considered the leading broadband provider in the Netherlands, and XS4ALL. The decision to block The Pirate Bay was handed down last week by the Hague district court. According to the court decision, The Pirate Bay is being used by 30% of Ziggo subscribers and 4.5% of XS4ALL for unauthorized file-sharing activities, which causes copyright infringement.

After acknowledging the court ruling, XS4ALL immediately claimed that it would appeal the decision. The ISPs have also got support from the digital hacktivist group known worldwide as Anonymous, which took the web by storm a couple years ago and scared plenty of media outfits in 2011 by starting DDoS attacks against their sites. Anonymous claimed that they would respond to BREIN’s action with a spamming campaign against their outfit. The hackers have issued a statement that can be read on the text hosting website Pastebin, usually used by the group to announce things. Anonymous promised they won’t sit idle while Dutch anti-piracy outfit removes parts of their interwebz. While the group undocks its battle ships, industry experts guess that BREIN should have expected such turn of events and has something to say in response. However, as for now, both Ziggo and XS4ALL are demanded to block access to The Pirate Bay within ten days, or risk to face penalties of up to 10,000 euros per day.

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