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Friday, January 27, 2012

UK Urged To Introduce Anti-Piracy Measures

The UK’s government has assigned the Film Policy Review Panel the responsibility to watch over the well being of the country’s movie industry. The Panel issued a statement, suggesting that the authorities should introduce some the anti-piracy measures mentioned in the Digital Economy Act in order to increase the revenues of the entertainment industry.


Under the Digital Economy Act, Ofcom is bound to release a code of practice that is supposed to be followed to the letter by Internet Service Providers to address unauthorized file-sharing. Back in 2010, the outfit did comply and after some difficulties published a draft of the code, but people are still waiting for a finalized version, though it was expected last year. The experts pointed out that the previously announced time for the “graduated response” system to be implemented actually remained the same – 2013.

Meanwhile, last year two of the country’s largest Internet service providers, BT and TalkTalk, managed to obtain an appeal against a High Court ruling saying that the provisions in the DEA weren’t breaching European laws on privacy and electronic communications. Currently, both ISPs are in court, doing their best to overrule the court’s decision.

Today the Film Policy Review Panel disregarded copyright owners’ claims that other measures are necessary to successfully fight sites and streaming services allowing copyright violations. Instead, the Panel pointed at the High Court’s decision to force the ISPs block access to Newzbin, which proves that it’s really possible for copyright owners to apply for an injunction to require broadband providers to block access to specified websites. Finally, the Panel suggested that local providers should behave as their American counterparts if they want to play their full part in fighting copyright violation. In addition, it suggested that the government should go on facilitating the partnership work of content creators, broadband providers and other industry members to address online services that permit or promote copyright violation.

The government has also been urged to consider the movie industry’s concerns if it wants to push forward a new digital copyright exchange and introduce new exceptions to the existing British copyright legislation

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