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Saturday, January 21, 2012

FBI Arrested Chinese Cyber Spy

FBI has again fingered the collar of some Chinese computer programmer. They claim the guy managed to steal over $10 million worth program that belongs to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


Bo Zhang, New York, is 32-year-old contract programmer working at the bank. For some reason, FBI believes that he copied the program in question to an external hard drive. Its value is estimated by the U.S. Treasury Department at around $9.5 million to design. A New York FBI representative confirmed in a statement that the bank immediately launched investigation of the suspected breach once it was uncovered. As a result, the bank decided to promptly refer the matter to authorities.

Bo Zhang, a Chinese citizen, was finally released on $200,000 bail after a brief court hearing. In case of him being convicted, he might face 10 years in one of the American quaint jails. According to Feds, a programmer had admitted that he copied the code onto a drive and took it home. Zhang told FBI that he took the code for private use, i.e. to ensure that the program was available to him if lost his job.

Considering that he is from China and the United States tends to regard all foreigners as terrorists and spies, especially at airports, FBI made an assumption that Bo Zhang was working for Chinese intelligence. However, insecurity specialists admitted it was more likely that it was just ordinary theft. Zhang was hired as a contract employee 10 months ago by some technology consulting company used by FBI to work on its PCs. The program was called the Government-wide Accounting and Reporting, and was designed to help trace the billions of dollars the US government transfers every day. The breach in question was discovered when Zhang's colleague told a supervisor he had claimed to have lost a drive with the code. 

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