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Friday, January 27, 2012

Brazil Appeared To Be One Of The Largest Infringers

Following the news of MegaUpload being shut down by the American Justice Department, more cataclysmic news emerged, with the repercussions extending beyond the wildest imagination of the Motion Picture Association of America.

Netizens, with the help of a well-known hacker group Anonymous, launched global attacks on the interweb as a sign of protest and anger. Surprisingly enough, plenty of those hacking actions also took place in Brazil. It turned out that over 100 government and corporate websites have been blocked within the recent weekend, including Brazilian websites of Visa, Mastercard, and even Paula Fernandes – a popular singer and songwriter phenomenon.

Naturally, one may wonder why this country should be the target of cyber attacks along with the United States. The answer was provided by DomainTools – an online analytics website. The service revealed that 8,4% of MegaUpload’s traffic was coming from Brazil, after France with 10,3%. Meanwhile, one more study, conducted by another analytics service Sandvine, revealed that in fact MegaUpload had 11,39% of all online traffic coming from Brazil.

For many years already, Brazil has been strongly criticized for failing to protect intellectual property, regardless of some of the country’s efforts to fight piracy. According to press reports and Brazilian users, you can still find pirated CDs and DVDs on the streets markets. At the same time, the country is currently facing its own version of Stop Online Piracy Act, though recent events and protests regarding US suggested SOPA and PIPA had made the people reconsider the issues of the legislation. Let’s see what happens next in Brazil.

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