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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cuba Accused Twitter of Spreading Rumors

The country called Twitterers “necrophiliac counter-revolutionaries”: recently Cuban state media has attacked the worldwide-known micro-blogging service Twitter for spreading rumors about the death of its former leader Fidel Castro.

Apparently, the rumor has come from anti-Castro expatriates that the state-run Cubadebate site called “necrophiliac counter-revolutionaries”. The speculations began with an account holder named “Naroh” that published the rumor from an Italian server. After doing this, the user has quickly deactivated his account.
According to Cubadebate website, Twitter network helped spread the disinformation by letting the hash tag “fidelcastro” to grow into a trending topic. As a result, the topic has swiftly become the 4th most popular hash tag in the world. As you can understand, the rumor kept spreading even after denials of the fact. That’s why Cubadebate now claims that Twitter is anti-Cuba and is even being censoring the subjects that are in favor of the Cuban government, which is actually nonsense.

The website claimed that anti-Castro expatriates are longing to see Castro's demise and therefore they kept the rumor spreading. Meanwhile, Fidel Castro is currently 85 and he is officially retired. However, he still occasionally publishes opinion columns. Last year, Castro has alluded to the limits of age, but he has also taken pride in his longevity.

By the way, that’s not the first time that there have been online rumors about Castro's death. Last August there was a computer virus embedded in a spam email titled "Fidel is Dead". The email showed a doctored, grainy picture of Castro lying in a coffin.

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