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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Copyright Law Increased Campaign Funds

In the United States, it is considered illegal to bribe politicians. However, it seems that there’s nothing wrong with giving them huge amounts of money from the entertainment industry. The latter has a small fortune to help politicians supporting its new copyright filtering law through the house.


The legislation, which is about to basically remove the American Constitution, is currently backed by a lot of the American firms. According to the media reports, those firms have paid more than $21 million just to make sure the bill goes through the house. Meanwhile, the press remains fair: the companies opposing the suggested bill are also bribing Congress, but those haven’t fronted up quite so much money. Compared to the industry’s $21 million, the anti-SOPA companies have only spent $5 million to prevent the law.

According to the Open Congress, one can see that the real winner is Senator Harry Reid, who managed to collect over $3,5 million. He is followed by Charles Schumer, who made more than $2,6 million, Kirsten Gillibrand, who has banked over $2 million, Barbara Boxer that accounts for $1,4 million, Scott Brown and Robert Portman with $1,3 million, Patrick Toomey with $1,2 million, and Michael Bennet with $1 million. At the same time, bribe money to the SOPA opposition case looks like much more targeted – for instance, only Senator Michael Bennet walked away with more than $1,3 million.

In other words, it is clear that people can get any joke bill passed in the United States if they have enough cash to bribe a politician. Even after this news is made public, nobody is expected to resign. At the time when British MPs are castigated over taxpayers funding their duckponds for a thousand, it seems to take a whole revolution to get such unique standard of democracy over the pond.

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