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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Symantec Sued For Scaring Clients Into Buying

An individual from Washington is currently suing insecurity firm Symantec, complaining that he had been terrified into purchasing its products.


A man named James Gross claims that Symantec seeks to persuade people to purchase its products by scaring them with misleading data about the health of their PCs. He is currently suing the firm in San Jose and provided a copy of the complaint to the press. James Gross claims that Symantec distributes trial versions of its digital products scanning a potential client’s system and consequently invariably reporting of harmful errors, privacy risks and plenty of other existing problems of the computer.

Indeed, the insecurity company uses the scanning software to market such products as Norton Utilities, PC Tools Registry Mechanic and PC Tools Performance Toolkit software. The claimant says that this scanning software is falsely informing the computer owner of the errors having high priority. Moreover, it also falsely informs users that their overall system health and privacy health is very poor.

James Gross claims that both Norton Utilities and PC Tools represent a so-called “scareware”, which is specifically designed software causing pop-up messages appearing on the digital deices that tell consumers they are infected with malware. However, according to Gross, the scareware doesn’t really perform any meaningful evaluation of the people’s computer systems. According to the court documents, James Gross insists that the scareware does not, and, at the first place, cannot actually perform the valuable tasks represented by the insecurity company through its official sites, advertising, and in-software display screens.

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