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Thursday, January 12, 2012

US Will Control Huawei-Iran Deals

Senators of the United States call for further action against the dealings of Huawei firm in Iran. For instance, they recommended to the State Department to investigate the company's present contracts.

The Chinese telecommunication and hardware company has been accused of supplying software in Iran that is meant to be used to support a repressive regime. The company had voluntarily agreed to restrict its deals in Iran in early December, but today a letter demanding further investigation has been published in the press.

Huawei, after accusations that the firm’s software was being used by mobile networks in Iran, agreed to adhere to the imposed sanctions and never inked any more deals. However, that hasn’t been enough to satisfy the American lawmakers who didn't believe that its current contracts are kosher.

At the moment, Huawei has a less than squeaky-clean image in the market. The United States has emphasized its links with the Chinese government. Meanwhile, the US hasn't had the most impressive record either, especially taking into account one of the senators trying to pass a Global Online Freedom Act to stop American companies like Cisco and IBM from participating in deals raising censorship concerns.
It seems that the American government is doing its best to filter its own networks right now, with the politicians pushing the Stop Online Piracy Act, which industry observers say can’t do much to stop piracy but can do something to influence freedom of the Internet. That’s why Huawei is currently in for a rough ride, regardless of its assertions that the company has done nothing wrong in Iran.

Last month Huawei announced on its official site that its business in Iran has been in full compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations, including those of the United Nations, United States and European Union. Now 6 senators are calling for an investigation into whether the current contracts of the company are against sanctions launched in 2010.

The company’s representative said that one of the fundamental principles governing their global operations is to comply with all relevant international and local legislation and rules, including applicable American ones. Unfortunately, some Members of Co

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