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Friday, January 27, 2012

Iran Wants Death Penalty For Promoting Porn

Iran's supreme court took a decision that a Canadian man that visited the country three years ago deserves death for promoting pornography. The court has upheld the death sentence for a programmer who is currently facing imminent execution after being found guilty of creating and promoting adult sites.


Saeed Malekpour has arrived to Iran in fall 2008 and was picked up by plainclothes police that took him to Evin prison in Tehran, where he had to spend a year in solitary confinement. Within that time he had no access to lawyers and wasn’t charged.

After a year, Saeed Malekpour was wheeled out in front of the TV cameras to confess to a number of "crimes" connected with porn sites. Based of his television confessions, Saeed was convicted of creating and supporting porn content on the Internet by a court in Tehran. However, Malekpour later retracted his own confessions in a letter he managed to send from prison. In the letter he claimed that confessions had been “extracted under pressure, physical and psychological torture” and under the threats to both him and his family.

Saeed Malekpour is a permanent resident of Canada. He designed photo-uploading program that had been used by some pornographic site without him even knowing. Upon completion of the international campaign and expert evidence, Iran’s supreme court has suspended his death sentence last year and required a judicial review. According to Western media reports, the court believed that it was all fair enough to execute a visitor to their country for something that is not even a crime in the country of his residence, and anyway he is probably innocent. In other words, Iran believes that its local legislation can be extended to other states.

Meanwhile, Saeed Malekpour was charged with the crime of “spreading corruption on Earth”. This one is vaguely worded to say the least. So, it seems that if you are doing anything that might miff the Iranian ideologies, you are strongly not recommended to visit the country which once was a flower of human civilization. Well, that is unless you are willing to be strung up in a car park, but this isn’t on any sensible person’s agenda.

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