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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Israel Compared Hacking to Terrorism

Israel has claimed that it would respond with military force if any Israeli company is hacked. The country has announced that it would really respond to online attacks in the same way Israel responds to violent terrorist acts.


In other words, if Anonymous decides to hit an Israeli company, the group might expect the country’s commandos to parachute into the area they reside and hit the local school with white phosphorous grenades before buggering off. Or, in other case, the hackers could wake up one morning with their house being surrounded by a large wall, with the police at the gate not allowing them go to work in the morning.

It all happened because of a hacker named OxOmar. He claimed to be Saudi and announced a week ago that he had leaked the private data on 6,000 Israeli credit cards. As a result, the Israelis should have already been training to parachute into Saudi, but it suddenly appeared that OxOmar is just a 19-year-old Mexican guy. While Danny Ayalon, the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister, admitted that they knew OxOmar was residing in Mexico, the authorities hadn’t approached Mexican police to ask for help. Perhaps, they decided that those might have a lot of work with drugs barons cutting people’s heads off to be worried that much about Israeli credit cards. In fact, they are right.

Nevertheless, Ayalon claimed that hacker attacks are a breach of sovereignty which can be compared to a terrorist operation, and therefore should be treated accordingly. The country, indeed, has active capabilities for striking at people trying to harm it, so no group or individual will be immune from retaliatory action. If you want to try your luck in Israel after this – you are welcome…

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