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Monday, January 9, 2012

Reliance Communications Blocked Access To File-Sharing Services

In their attempt to fight movie piracy, Reliance Communications company decided to apply website-blocking since the movies have been released by its sister company named Reliance Entertainment. Therefore, a lot of sites are currently blocked while Reliance Entertainment’s Don 2 is shown in the theaters.


One of the users of Reliance Communications complained that he was now unable to access file-sharing sites like Rapidshare and Mediafire, because the ISP had shut access to them since the day the new movie of the company hit the screens. The subscribers added that it wasn’t the first time they did that.

Previously, during the release of Singham and Bodyguard, both of which were releases of the sister company, the ISP also shut down access to file-sharing online services. During the first release, most subscribers believed it was a technical error, which was resolved in a couple days, but then the company has done it again, during the release of Bodyguard. So now, with Don 2 hitting the screen, the users already expected this move. Therefore, it is clear that Reliance Communications is trying to fight piracy of its movies.

The representatives of Reliance Entertainment confirmed that it wasn’t the first time it has asked ISPs and other content distributors, such as cable networks and direct-to-home operators, to block access to file-sharing services in order to protect its copyright. They also did it for Singham and Bodyguard releases. Most broadband providers and content re-distributors have agreed to comply with the court order.
Fortunately, Reliance Communications is currently the only ISP blocking file-sharing services, despite the fact that a court order has been sent to all service providers and content re-distributors. Meanwhile, the film studio reminds that if anyone fails to uphold or comply with the high court order, it would amount not just to copyright infringement, but also contempt of court.

The court they mention resides in Delhi, which ordered Reliance Entertainment to block websites, citing piracy of its latest releases. The company explains that specific IP protection order was given by the court against all unknown offenders in order to fight unauthorized exploitation of movies.

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