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Friday, January 27, 2012

People Against MPAA Over Bribery

Following Chris Dodd’s (the CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America) threatening that the industry would stop the cash flow to the politicians if they are going to withdraw their support to the recently suggested anti-piracy legislations like SOPA and PIPA, the public was quick to put into motion a petition. There it asks the White House to investigate comments of the MPAA’s head.


As a result, several hours ago a White House petition was started, meant to investigate Chris Dodd and the Motion Picture Association of America for alleged bribery. The petition claims that their move represents an open admission of bribery and a threat meant to provoke a specific policy goal. It is claimed to be a brazen flouting of the “above the law” status people of Chris Dodd’s position and wealth enjoy.

According to media reports, the petition says that people simply demand justice and ask the White House to investigate that blatant bribery and indict everyone, particularly government officials and lawmakers, who appears to be involved.

Thus far, over 15 thousand people have already signed this petition, and this was in just a couple hours after its release. Now the number of the Internet users who aren’t afraid to break cover and openly demand justice is rapidly growing. Despite the fact that Chris Dodd’s connections in Washington aren’t to be taken lightly, consumers are still hoping that the petition in question may change something. Meanwhile, the more votes the petition gets, the better it will be for people, because White House can’t ignore the issue of such scale and will have to take action. Everyone who cares about the Internet future and freedom is invited to join the pack and sign the petition to fight for their own freedom of speech.

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