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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Microsoft Will Update Their Browser

Microsoft team of developers has had a gutsful waiting for Internet users to upgrade to the latest form of Internet Explorer and is currently going to do this automatically.


Microsoft announced that starting this week it will start auto-updating Internet Explorer (IE) browser users’ computers to the latest versions of the software, depending on which Windows version they are currently using. The company thinks that it will get away with it since Google’s Chrome browser, for example, already does that.

Although there will be a number of firms who might see their networks go crazy with such kind of an upgrade, Microsoft Corporation is providing them with workarounds in case they express the desire to remain on their current IE version. The company explained that generally the feeling is that they will manage to force users on unlikely ancient browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and have no idea how to upgrade them to receive some safer programs. The matter is that usually such types end up recruited into botnet.

In fact, this move is more like a bit of an experiment, because the company is still not really sure how this auto-update process will go down with Internet users. Microsoft is going to roll the process out slowly worldwide in order to see if anything goes wrong. It seems that Australia will be the guinea pig for this purpose.

The company keeps insisting that the change will be good for all of its core browser audiences, which includes people, developers, and the enterprise. The move can be good for people since it allows them stay up to date and secure automatically. This can also let developers, who are also people, focus on the latest Internet technologies like HTML 5 without having a need to worry about whether most of the online users are accessing the Internet with an updated browser.

People running Windows XP and having Internet Explorer 6 installed will be updated to version 8 of the browser, as that is the most recent version of Internet Explorer supported on this operating system. Meanwhile, users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 will be updated to version 9 of the Microsoft browser. Internet Explorer 8 and 9 are now offered through Windows Update as an Important update, but it is not carried out automatically. 

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