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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sky ISP Blocked Newzbin Too

Long time ago the story emerged about the Newzbin portal and the entertainment industry’s attempts to block access to this website. The latest news were that the UK Internet service provider BT was forced by court order to block access to this online service due to the MPA’s decision to file a lawsuit. The MPA did that on behalf of its members, including Warner Bros, Fox, Disney and Paramount Pictures.

After the entertainment industry won the case against the largest UK provider, its goal was for other intermediaries to follow suit. Now it looks like the outfit’s dream may come true – recently, another Internet service provider – Sky Broadband – was court ordered to also block access to Newzbin portal. The ISP representatives admitted that they are working with the rest of the industry over implementing a sustainable framework for tackling piracy. If the ISP is presented with clear and robust evidence of copyright infringement, it promised to take the appropriate action in respect to website filtering, as they have with Newzbin 2 now.

Other UK broadband providers, including Virgin Media and TalkTalk, are considering the industry’s solution in the near future as well. For example, TalkTalk admitted that the company has received a letter from the anti-piracy outfit, asking whether it would legally object to an order to block access to the news portal. Currently TalkTalk is considering its position, as there are a number of objectionable elements to the proposed injunction. The ISP claimed it would only block access to a service if ordered to do so by a court. Meanwhile, Virgin Media said that as a responsible provider, it would comply with any court order. However, the company strongly believes that such deterrents should be accompanied by compelling legal alternatives like its agreement with Spotify, providing consumers with access to entertainment content at the adequate price.

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