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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Techrights Outfit Called To Boycott Apple

Some anti-patent campaigning outfit has called to boycott Apple products, trying to get Cupertino to drop its lawsuit strategy launched against Android and Linux.

Techrights that has launched campaigns against Microsoft and Novell earlier was against software patents in general. Nevertheless, they claimed that Apple was being a real pain with lawsuits, untrue allegations and doctored “evidence”. For example, Dr. Roy Schestowitz claimed that the cult of Steve Jobs loved to pretend that they invented the smartphone, tablets and all other things shiny. Meanwhile, the scariest part of all this is that Apple fan websites keep celebrating Apple patents and trademarks.

After Schestowitz called Apple a company that had built itself on knockoffs, he added that it has been working hard to embargo the competition. According to his claims, given the latest actions from the giant, Techrights can’t help recommending that consumers purchase nothing from Apple and start boycotting the corporation for being a real threat to both IT landscape and for common sense.

Techrights explained that the corporation used to be a lot more benign, but when it began the legal assaults, Apple made it clear that it appeared to be just a frantic embargo company rather than a producer. Surprisingly enough, they noticed some quarters of the press appeared to be colluding, like the Telegraph attacking Google on Christmas eve with general smear campaigns and unbalanced articles. Indeed, the Telegraph claimed that Google's Android, which competes ith the Apple's iOS, is currently under heavy fire from all sides. In addition, the best-selling software was claimed to be accused in courts across the globe of plundering the original ideas of others.

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