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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

uTorrent Merged With Dropbox

Good news for people staying far from home on holidays but willing to torrent remotely! As you might already know, remote file-sharing has been available for a while thus far, as uTorrent’s Remote App was quite helpful for that. But in a case when you need to download a file from outside your home – for example, when you visit a friend or stay in another country – Dropbox offers a better solution than the one provided by uTorrent Remote.


Dropbox is widely known as a cloud-based service, which provides its users with the opportunity to synchronize files between modern devices and the cloud. In addition, the user is also able to access files through using the service’s site. This now allows them to send torrents to uTorrent remotely. In order to do that, you must first install Dropbox on your PC, then create a new folder within the installation directory, and finally launch uTorrent. In the application, visit Options -> Preferences, choose the Directories tab and check “Automatically load .torrents from”. Underneath you should choose Dropbox’s newly created folder. It is that easy!

After completing this procedure, you can log into Dropbox’s online service from any PC and save torrents into the folder you just created. Within this operation, the cloud will synchronize the torrent files with your PC located at your house provided it is online. If the computer is online right after you have uploaded your torrent files, it will automatically start download. Otherwise, downloads will start as soon as your PC is online and uTorrent is launched.

This seems to be a very convenient way to share files remotely. However, if you don’t like Dropbox for any reason, you are able to use most of the cloud-based services available online.

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