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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Al Jazeera Hacked by Syrian Government Supporters

Al Jazeera, a Qatar-based satellite news network, was recently attacked by the hackers supporting the Syrian government. Media reports reveal that Al Jazeera, which is criticized by the American press for being "pro-Islamic" and not supporting the US invasions, has now been hit by Syria. The matter is that in Syria the network has been reporting the civil war. At the same time, a lot of the Western hacks are scared to leave their hotels.

The intruders cracked into the official website of the network because of their discontent of the network supporting “armed terrorist groups and spreading lies and fabricated news”. The most interesting fact is that it’s exactly what the American government also claimed. Both claims can't be right, of course.

At the moment, the Arabic website of the network features a Syrian flag and statement denouncing its “positions against the Syrian people and government”. In the meantime, the president of the country, Bashar al-Assad, has many reasons to dislike Al Jazeera – not only did the channel take the lead in covering the uprisings, Qatar is actually a Sunni-led state which backed the Sunni rebel movement in Syria, with over 74% of Syria being Sunni.

The intrusion was carried out by the hacking outfit named "al-Rashedon". By the way, similar Syrian outfits have attacked other news websites that have been reporting the uprising in question. For instance, the blogging platform of the Reuters News official site has also been attacked this past August with a false posting claiming that Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister had died. As you know, Saudi Arabia is another opponent of Assad.

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