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Sunday, September 30, 2012

uTorrent Will Ensure More Privacy

Results of a recent research disclosed quite an upsetting fact: peer-to-peer traffic is heavily monitored on. In order to address the concerns of its users, BitTorrent Inc. took a decision to modify its most popular file-sharing application – uTorrent.


Perhaps, you already know that way for 3rd parties to track file-sharing activity of the Internet users is through the IP-address. However, there’s another source of data that may expose them: the peer id. Of course, the BitTorrent’s team of developers knows about this issue. That’s why they took a decision to solve the problem by integrating a new feature into the uTorrent’s code.

BitTorrent explained that it wants to introduce a new feature whose operation would randomize peer ids in an n-hour cycle in a bid to mitigate tracking of the Internet users during the use of non-private torrents. As a result, the control will increase for the uTorrent users of their own data and activity which they ask for and are entitled to.

It means that people using uTorrent will feel more secure, because 3rd parties won’t any longer be able to track the peer id for longer than a few hours. Since IP-addresses are concerned, the users must always be careful, particularly when using public trackers. Of course, any Internet user worries about the free flow and use of his or her personal data and habits.

That’s why BitTorrent Inc. works on the features that are aimed at protecting privacy of the customers of such companies as Microsoft, Google, and Firefox. This move would bring the users more control of their data through user-friendly private browsing features. Of course, privacy is always an issue in the talk about file-sharing, but BitTorrent gives us hope that this issue might one day turn into a matter of the past.

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