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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Indie Video Game Developer Benefits from Piracy

Sos Sosowski is a game developer who is currently quickly becoming popular. This is not only thanks to his game, but also thanks to his approach in promoting his product.


When the developer noticed that McPixel, his video game, was downloaded and shared on various file-sharing sites, he wasn’t sad. Instead, he saw the opportunity in the situation and decided to take part in this sort of promotion even though the game was already available to purchase.

Having Internet users download and play McPixel was his strategy of making the game popular among gamers. Press reports described how the developer himself started directing users to pirate his game through the popular BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay. Sosowski’s only request was that people who want and can afford to donate something to do that, in order to let him continue developing the games.

The Pirate Bay is currently promoting the pay-what-you-want sale to spread the developer’s message to its millions of users. Sosowski says he realized that not everyone is able to afford entertainment, but everyone needs it. So, even though he creates games for a living, he is happy to see people enjoy those games. That’s why he decided to provide a legitimate chance to download a torrent of his game to people who in return may throw some coins in his general direction.

As you know, major game publishers have different strategy and invest their efforts and money into tracking and suing pirates. They are also constantly trying to find new efficient anti-piracy methods for the gamers who don’t want to pay for a game which may not worth it. In the meantime, indie developers have adopted another tactic, offering amnesty sales and build their profit on the relationship and dialogue with the gamers and on donations from those who liked the games.

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