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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cloud-Based Service Supports BitTorrent

Maxxo is a new cloud-based service competing with Dropbox. A few days ago, it made an official announcement, claiming that their members will be able to download torrents directly to their accounts.


Today Dropbox accounts for millions of unique users, which places the company as the leading cloud-hosting service out there. In 2012 they have announced a new app that let their users to download torrents directly into their accounts. However, the project in question was quickly dropped because of piracy concerns. The official statement of the service explained that Boxopus’ features could be perceived as forcing members to infringe copyright through Dropbox.

Nevertheless, Maxxo – Dropbox’s rather new competitor in the cloud-based area – isn’t that much worried. The company decided to allow their users to download torrents. The technology is very simple – you should drop the .torrent file into Maxxo’s interface and right-click it to launch the download.

The company’s CEO, Luka Hovat, explained in the interview that by using BitTorrent via Maxxo its members are able to download files fast and completely anonymously, which is a feature no-one of its competitors have.

Since the privacy is concerned, the downloaded files go straight to the servers of the portal. At the time, Maxxo enables free accounts of up to 5GB of storage, and allows 2 simultaneous BitTorrent transfers. Other accounts allow for a storage limit of 50GB to 200GB, with prices ranging between $9,99 and $29,99 accordingly.

Finally, Maxxo runs under Windows, while its team of developers keeps working on optimizing the service for both Macintosh and mobile devices.

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