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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Open Source Is Better Than Cloud

A recent study conducted by prominent British IT academic says that CIOs shouldn’t trust the cloud. Instead, it is recommended to try replacing the legacy systems with open source.

While the industry is trying to convince the world that using cloud strategy is better, a recent study said that open systems is preferable to an immature cloud.

The study, commissioned by travel industry processing giant Amadeus, was meant to investigate the role of open source software in critical transaction systems. The matter is that airlines and railways has been using outdated systems for a few decades already and therefore were long due for an upgrade. The study claims that in most cases re-engineering open source software is better than bunging it all on a cloud.

Indeed, open source could provide enterprise IT with better access to innovation through a self-re-enforcing community of shared resources. The report quotes other studies from the London School of Economics, saying that investments to deploy open source lead to longer-term savings of 20% over anything else. However, you have to pass a slightly more expensive transition period, and such cost savings may not apply to everyone.

Anyway, the study found out that public cloud computing services were still half-baked. For instance, interoperability barely existed, nor did the ability to audit the security of the company’s hosted services. The study also warned of the cloud system’s dangers to be pushed too quickly in the cloud direction as a very immature business. The British IT academic admitted that though business processes would eventually catch up with the technology, it might not happen in the near future.

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