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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Estonia Will Teach Kids Programming

It seems that the country is hoping to push children into programming from primary school. Media reports reveal that the Estonian Tiger Leap Foundation has recently started a program titled "ProgeTiiger". In frames of this program, students in grades one to twelve will be taught computer programming and creating Internet and mobile apps.


Estonia, known for giving the world Skype and Playtech, is now going to set its kids onto programming from their very first day at school, though in other countries kids are just mumbling their way through the alphabet during the first year.

According to Tiger Leap Foundation training sphere manager, children are quite interested in modern technology from a very early age, so the ProgeTiiger program is supposed to create prerequisites for kids to shift from consumers of software to its developers.

Thus far, the program is being tested in pilot schools, but the company is planning to roll it out to state schools in the near future. Nevertheless, the first kids to start the programming lessons will be primary school students. This will happen after their teachers pass through corresponding training this month.

In addition, the program includes the programming hobby groups for middle school students, as well as selective courses for high school students.
The country’s Tiger Leap Foundation explained that it launched the project in question because it saw how many enterprises keep struggling to find good programmers. After the program is in force, the outfit thinks it’ll push the country to the forefront of the rest of the Eastern Europe in terms of programming development and growth.

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