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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cambodian Government Site Attacked by Hackers

Following the arrest of The Pirate Bay’s founder, Gottfrid Svartholm, in Cambodia, the hacktivists attacked the Cambodian government websites and online systems.

The hacker group that calls itself Null Crew made public a list of passwords and official documents last week. The hackers also warned that they are planning to go further and damage the country’s government websites even more.

According to a statement published on PasteBin, Null Crew has started “Operation The Pirate Bay” in order to retaliate to the events that caused the arrest of one of its founders. The hackers announced that recently the co-founder of the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker was arrested in Cambodia, and it seems that as long as the government tries to censor, there will be more of this, which is angering. In short words, this was the reason for #OpTPB to come to be, and the authorities should have expected it when they did this. The hacker group promised Cambodia not to stop until the country comes to their senses.

As you might remember, it isn’t the first time when The Pirate Bay’s owners got in trouble. Three years ago, the 4 founders running the site had to explain to a court room that they couldn’t have been accused of copyright violation. It didn’t work and they were forced to pay millions of dollars in damages to the entertainment industry, including Sony, WB, EMI, and Columbia Pictures.

The hackers also claimed to hack a Cambodian airport and airliner system, but this information was not confirmed. Actually, I personally was at the Bangkok airport the very day they claimed to attack, and even took a picture of the screen showing the flight to the city where Gottfrid is currently held in prison, for my personal records. There were no delays to Cambodia

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