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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saudi Oil Producer Purged PCs of Malware

The largest oil producer in the world, Saudi Aramco, has finally succeeded in turning its main internal computer networks after malware infected about 30 thousand of its workstations two weeks ago. Security experts admit that it must have been a masterpiece of malware which managed to hit all PCs of such a powerful company.


The international giant was shut down by a cyber attack which was launched in the middle of August. Subsequently, the company’s computer systems were taken offline in order to prevent further attacks.

Now the media announced that the oil giant had confirmed that its workstations were cleansed of the malware and restored to service. In the meantime, the company also added that the attack never harmed oil exploration and production. The activities weren’t affected because they originally operate on isolated systems. This is a right choice for any crucial infrastructure.

Saudi Aramco’s Chief Executive Officer Khalid al-Falih admitted in his statement that the corporate websites were still offline and emails were still bouncing. According to security experts, the malware originated from external sources, so Saudi Aramco is continuing to investigate the issue.

Meanwhile, a group named the “Cutting Sword of Justice” has already claimed responsibility for the virus attack. The group claimed that Saudi Aramco was the main source of income for the country’s government and was therefore responsible for “crimes and atrocities” in a number of other countries, including Syria and Bahrain.

In the political arena, Saudi Arabia also keeps supporting Sunni rebels against the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad. 

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