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Friday, September 28, 2012

Huawei Asked Aussie to Stop Discrimination

Huawei corporation was banned from tendering for work on the country’s national broadband network due to security fears. Recently the company has urged Australia to lift the spying ban.


Media reports confirmed Huawei is miffed that the United States and Australia have refused to let it apply for lucrative telecommunications work due to fears that it can install spying programs. Here Australia is following the direction of the United States, while the United Kingdom is quite happy with Huawei.

Actually, Huawei is not able to win business in the United States and some other markets because of the government security concerns. Back in 2011, the company was blocked from participating in the country’s $38 billion broadband network.

Huawei representative in Australia told a local parliamentary intelligence committee that he was summoned to the Attorney-General’s at short notice. Nevertheless, the statement never explained why the company didn’t get the contract, nor it was given a chance to respond to any concerns.

Huawei admitted it was worried that the new legislation would discriminate against the organizations from particular countries. The company called on the local government to adopt a principle of non-discrimination, saying that the businesses should have the opportunity to address their security concerns. However, there are also other pressures out there. For example, 6 months ago, China’s Ministry of Commerce has also voiced the concern about the decision of Australian authorities to ban Huawei from the broadband project, saying that such decision was at least very unfair.

China, in its turn, could also start introducing embargoes against Australian goods/services and particular companies. However, Huawei representative explained that the company is independent and doesn’t have any links to the government, so this can’t be happening. The Chinese authorities have no say in the running of Huawei, which is 100% owned by staff.

Last week, the Chinese giant testified before a United States House committee on Intelligence in Washington, DC, in a bid to appease them. We’ll see what will be the results of this move.

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