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Friday, September 21, 2012

Czech Game Developers Caught Spying

The news reports confirm that a couple of Czech games developers were arrested for spying near a military base in Greece. They were caught with pictures and video of a military installation and were immediately arrested in the Greek island of Lemnos. 

People all over the globe want to know something about the Greek military technology. The latter hasn’t actually changed much for a while, but remains a bizarre source of national pride for a country which apparently cannot afford to run one.

Media reports read that a couple of game developers, aged 28 and 33, are currently facing 20 years in prison. This seems a little harsh, and the developers were working for video game company Bohemia Interactive and were just gathering reference material for ArmA III, a military game which is scheduled for release in the nearest future. The plot of the game is set on a Greek island.

The company’s CEO, Marek Spanel, has confirmed that the whole story is true and issued a statement saying that the game developers didn’t go to Greece on purpose. They went to Greece for a holiday and only visited the island to experience its beautiful surroundings.

Nevertheless, the company seems to be distancing itself from the spying activity of the couple, saying that Bohemia Interactive has always created games basing upon publicly available material only.

The representatives of the company claim that the software house always respects the law and couldn’t instruct anyone to infringe the legislation.
The company said that it is doing its best to support the arrested couple and their friends and families. However, then Bohemia Interactive came out with a statement saying they sincerely hope that it was an unfortunate misunderstanding of their passion as the developers of game worlds.

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