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Friday, September 7, 2012

MegaUpload’s Founder Got Money to Pay Lawyers

A few days ago the MegaUpload’s founder managed to convince the High Court residing his case to unfreeze some of his money in order to make him able to pay his lawyers. As a result, an amount of $6,000,000 was granted to pay Kim Dotcom’s legal fees and living costs.


Dotcom tweeted yesterday about “breaking news”, confirming that the High Court just ruled the release of restrained assets to cover his legal fees in the home country. The assets in question are to be secured against a $10,000,000 Government bond.

In addition, the High Court also granted Dotcom to sell some of his previously confiscated luxury vehicles. Thus far, the amount of money Dotcom owes to the lawyers sums up to $2,600,000, but it’s expected to go up quickly as his trial continues.

When talking about the living costs, the Dotcoms (the family of seven) need at least $1 million a year just to pay the rent for their estate (which is valued for around $30 million). By the way, the court earlier allowed MegaUpload’s founder to have access to $750,000.

Kim Dotcom has his official website (www.kim.com), where he claimed that when the cyberlocker was closed down his money was frozen without providing him opportunity to defend a very complex case that involved petabytes of potential evidence, an unknown number of witnesses and a business which spanned the globe.

It seemed like the plan of the American government and New Zealand prosecutors was to keep the defendants locked up without access to a proper legal defense, but it has failed. Now the company has a competent legal team which is able to operate at full capacity to defend MegaUpload.

By the way, Kim Dotcom owns as many as 15 cars, including a 1959’s Cadillac, a 2008 Rolls Royce Coupe, and a Mercedes E500. 

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