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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

uTorrent Client for Android Finally Released

It’s been a long time since BitTorrent Inc. promised to release uTorrent client for Android. Finally, the dream of many users worldwide has come true: the developers finally launched the most popular BitTorrent client in the world for Android smartphones and tablets.

The new application (beta release) is packed with plenty of useful features. The users will be able to search for torrents and download the content directly on their device. Even RSS feeds are available in the new client. BitTorrent Inc. announced that for the past few months its developers have been working hard developing a mobile BitTorrent client for Android which is worthy of the name uTorrent.

The company realized that the client would need to be fast, lightweight, powerful and better than anything else that can be found on the market today. Earlier, the mobile and tablet users were able to control uTorrent through an app called “uTorrent remote”. BitTorrent Inc. claimed it was very excited to add uTorrent for Android to its mobile product range, and its user base is already reaching 4,000,000 users.

Although the users out there are still waiting for the uTorrent editions for Mac devices (iPhone, iPad), the company currently has other priorities, saying that at the moment it would focus on growing its Android clients. In the meantime, Apple users are able to use Falcon, which is an excellent application compatible with iPhone.

In addition, BitTorrent Inc. keeps working on a uTorrent release for Linux OS. Anyway, this is good news for the users who appreciate the developing team’s relentless work and dedication. This is a reason for uTorrent to remain the most popular peer-to-peer client in the world.

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