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Friday, September 21, 2012

New Cybercrime Research Outfit in Britain

The British government has spent £3,800,000 on starting a research institute aimed at shoring up the methods of defense against cybercrime. The outfit is called The Research Institute in the Science of Cyber Security and is expected to improve the knowledge of cyber security threats. 


The institute is supposed to bring together the largest cyber security academics from various fields and drawing in industry experts in order to create a largest base of knowledge for fighting cybercrime in its many forms. A number of universities will take part in the Institute, including University College London and Newcastle University.

The authorities have been keen to emphasize the increasing threat level from hacker attacks to all sectors. The UK government has already earmarked £8,000,000 for developing security skill. In the meantime, the figure in question is dwarfed by estimated costs of cybercrime in the country, usually amounting to the billions of pounds.

The British government will say that it’s trying to increase the country’s defenses against various threats, while at the same time presenting an opportunity to enhance the economy by leading the defense against cyber crime – a very lucrative business. Undoubtedly, the word “defense” has had quite a few definitions over the years.

The government also emphasized the financial benefits of a strong cyber security sector if it is supported by the edge research. In fact, the United Kingdom is currently one of the most secure places throughout the globe to do business – at the moment, 8% of the country’s GDP is generated from the cyber world and the figure is set to grow.

The launch of the research institute was welcomed by many experts who believe that this move indicates that the government is finally catching up to the dangers it faces from the cyber attacks.

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