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Monday, September 3, 2012

FBI Arrested Another LulzSec Member

The authorities claimed the individual is responsible for bringing down Sony and arrested a person who is alleged of being a member of the hacking collective LulzSec. The FBI caught him on charges he participated in an extensive computer breach of the Sony studios.


Raynaldo Rivera, 20, from Tempe, Arizona, surrendered to the authorities of the United States. A federal grand jury ruled that there was enough evidence to charge the individual with conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected personal computer. The mass media confirm that he could get 15 years jail time if he is convicted.

The prosecutors claimed that Raynaldo Rivera and his LulzSec fellows had stolen data from Sony Corp’s Sony Pictures’ computer systems in May and June last year through an “SQL injection” method of attack.

Raynaldo Rivera then reportedly helped to publish the confidential data onto the website of the hacking collective and also announced the intrusion on Twitter. The evidence of the authorities was based on a super-grass confession from Hector Monsegur and assistance from Cody Kretsinger, 24. The latter is a confessed LulzSec member who pleaded guilty four months ago to federal charges stemming from his role in the Sony attack.

The hackers have published such personal details as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and passwords of several thousands of users who had entered contests promoted by the international giant. The company then said that the breach cost it over $600,000.

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