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Friday, September 28, 2012

Windows 8 Significance Exaggerate

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, keeps talking up the oncoming Windows 8. He insists that Windows 8 will most likely be the most significant product launch in the history of software giant.


Ballmer admitted that Windows 95 was undoubtedly the most important thing in the last two decades until now. Microsoft CEO believes that Windows 8 will certainly surpass it. During the interview to local media, Steve was so confident about Windows 8 that he wouldn’t even entertain the idea that the new OS and the software built around will be anything more than a huge success. His confidence is built on the idea that the computer market is stronger than it seems.

Ballmer claimed that there will be around 400,000,000 computers sold in 2013, which creates a huge market for Windows 8, which will propel that volume. Here Microsoft CEO comes up against analysts who believe that the personal computer has been replaced by the smartphone. In fact, they can prove this with computer sales drop.

But Ballmer may believe that computer sales decrease is probably due to the global economic recession. In addition, the software giant is not ignoring the tablet space, with the company going to start selling its new Surface tablet on the Internet and in Microsoft stores in October.

Nevertheless, it looks like Ballmer was preparing a spectacular own goal on that: according to the rumors, his tablet was to be cheap in order to win competition. But he admitted that the device wouldn’t be that cheap: $300 to $800. This changes things: such price would actually be surrendering the software market to Apple while leaving Ballmer dependant on Microsoft’s PC roll of the dice.

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