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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kim Dotcom Promised to Resurrect MegaUpload

It comes as no surprise that after Kim Dotcom’s business was closed down, he’d want to re-launch his service. Actually, MegaUpload’s founder already made public his intentions of bringing the cyberlocker back as a massive global network.


Dotcom’s tweet says: “MEGA will return. Bigger. Better. Faster. Free of charge & shielded from attacks. Evolution!” Of course, for some people it might be hard to take a bite on his saying, particularly if you take into account that Kim’s feature is still uncertain – he and some of his colleagues may be extradited to the United States for several charges, including racketeering and money laundering, though the decision is yet to come. Nevertheless, Kim Dotcom sounds confident and claims that MegaUpload will be back, even stronger than before.

Dotcom assured that his developers get ready and promised that the Mega application programming interface would provide incredible powers. “Our API and your Mega tools will change the world”, said Dotcom. Everyone will be invited to the new service, except American citizens (at least ones with U.S. IP addresses), and this comes as no surprise provided Dotcom’s history with American authorities.

Online businessman confirmed that he is building a massive global network, allowing all non-American hosts to connect servers and bandwidth. According to Kim Dotcom, MegaUpload will be much more than a simple file-sharing service, delivering a vast range of applications to the public. In order to get a better idea on what the future Mega interface will bring, Dotcom has invited developers of e-mail, fax-tools, VOIP and video applications to get in touch.

Besides, security is claimed to also be a prime target for the incoming service and will ensure easy encryption of all data transfers absolutely free of charge. In the meantime, MegaUpload’s founder also mentioned something about a new music service called MegaBox through which musicians would be able to sell their works directly to their audience. Still, the service will keep 90% of the sales. Dotcom must be too angry with the US government for what they did to him and his business, saying that they “abused the wrong guy” and promising to “turn this world upside down”.

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