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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

American Military Will Shoot Hackers

The US Military came to a conclusion that the best way to tackle copyright infringers is fight them with traditional weapons.


As a result, the Pentagon has already sent a report to Congress, saying that it can retaliate with military force to address cyber attacks. In other words, if someone carries out an attack on the Pentagon site, the US Military will run through their house shooting anyone. Of course, it seems to be a fairly tough approach, though the Pentagon claimed in a recently published report that it would act as a deterrence on people believing that they are able to carry out considerable cyber attacks against the American economy, government or military.

According to media reports, the main problem the country’s military has with cyber war is to identify where the cyber attacks originate from. That’s why the suggestions are that before calling for a strike against a cyber enemy, the army should improve its ability to identify the intruder. Indeed, it would be hard to call back a cruise missile if the intruder masked their attack behind someone else’s IP address.

The statistics revealed that most attacks that the United States has complained about appeared to come from China. However, the United States has to think carefully about attacking this country, because its economy is actually propped up by China and most of its goods are manufactured there. Of course, it would be better if some tracing reveal that, instead of attack originating from a hairdressing school, like they’ve done in the past, they were actually coming from a secret volcano base located in the South Pacific.

In its turn, the Pentagon is paying boffins to introduce some behaviouristic algorithms helping to assess the potential identity of attackers, which would limit the number of physical targets. American security agencies have also been training a crack team of very skilled cyber forensics experts. They also cooperate with international partners to share data about cyber threats, which includes malicious code and people behind it.

As an example, in the case of Gary McKinnon, the United States would have invaded the United Kingdom, shot McKinnon and cleared off, perhaps to an American base in Britain. Well, at least there would have been no time for a public outcry over the extradition.

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