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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tough Outfits Vulnerable To Hack

According to the recent research, companies banning social networks on corporate computers are proved to be more vulnerable to hack.


Telus and the Rotman School of Management have recently published a report in IT security, where they surveyed around 650 companies. The results of the research showed that those outfits that ban employees from using social media later experience 30% more computer security breaches than those allowing free use of websites like Facebook and Twitter.

According to media reports, Rotman boffin Dr. Walid Hejazi claimed that the main problem about being autocratic to your employees is that they won’t just let it go. Instead, they will be working out ways to circumvent your policy. Indeed, employees banned from social networks choose to download different applications onto the corporate computers that could allow them to bypass firewalls and access restricted services. Such software allows staff to tweet on the job, while also creating security gaps that can be easily exploited by hackers. Dr. Walid Hejazi admitted that it would be simpler and more secure to let employees access social networks. He pointed out that the best strategy is not blocking all access. Instead, the companies are recommended to allow access, but to provide awareness training with such access so that people could clearly understand what they are doing.

The results of the survey confirmed that the firms who devote a good share of their IT budgets to ensuring security are always the least likely to see its sensitive information leaked by hackers. Meanwhile, the researchers admitted that companies are never able to compensate for bad behaviors and habits of their employees. And hackers can always find a way to circumvent security measures if they have enough motivation. 

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