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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hackers Confused Rugby Site With Stock Exchange

It appeared that some of the finest minds in the hacking community experience difficulties with spotting the difference between a German stock exchange and a fan online service for a French rugby union team.


The intruders, who appeared to be trying to make an Anti-Wall Street style protest against the German Dax website, for some reason ended up targeting allezdax.com website instead, which is actually a fan site for a 2nd division Dax rugby team from the south-west France.

According to media reports, the website in question has been taken offline for a couple of weeks after the intruders did to it what the All Blacks did to the French side during the Rugby World Cup. After the service went from its only 700 page hits per day to as many as 80,000, it almost immediately surrendered. According to one of the website operators, its defences were absolutely inadequate, so the website’s backs failed to cope with the hacker attack.

One of the website’s admins said that his name is Stephane and told during the interview with the France Bleu Gascogne radio station that the intruders had insulted them copiously in German, believing they were connected with the DAX, German blue-chip stock market index. The site administrator also said that having been attacked by a young, spotty Teuton, the online service is currently back online with improved security. Actually, it seems that the French still haven’t forgiven the Germans for the Franco-Prussian War, which to be fair, was started by the former.

Still, there are some advantages of the attack: in fact, the small fan website is today almost twice as popular as the Dax team’s official service. And, undoubtedly, it is more popular with the Greeks than the Germany’s stock market.

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