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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Israeli Army Sites Hacked

It turned out recently that Israel’s military websites services have been hacked by intruders that were miffed over the interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla. As a result, the websites of the Israel Defense Forces, the Mossad foreign intelligence service and even the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency remained offline all day long.


According to local media reports, the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that the trouble was caused by a technical glitch, but not by illegal intrusion. The spokesman insisted in his Twitter posting that the problem was rather a server malfunction than a result of an Internet attack. In other words, he tried to convince everyone that there was nothing particular in this event.

However, the experts suspect that Netanyahu is simply underestimating the computing expertise of his own military. Taking into account some of the security going into the country’s military systems, it is clear that they can’t all be taken down by a simple server fault. Moreover, the spokesperson didn’t mention that the sites’ troubles began after the well-known hacker group Anonymous had posted its announcement on YouTube where it threatened the Israeli government with retaliation over its interception of two Gaza-bound ships. The story was about 27 activists, crew and journalists who had been intercepted in international waters before breaching the country’s blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Apparently, the hacktivists were concerned over this event, as they posted a video afterward, or, as they called it, “an open letter to the government of Israel”. In the video the hacker group accused the country of being guilty of piracy on the high seas. So, to the security experts this would be no coincidence, but rather confidence that the world-famous hacker group managed to attack Israel’s military servers. Indeed, this would be a bit of a result for the hacktivists, because usually they employ another method, choosing a denial of service attack, which the Israelis would have been thought to be able to handle.

Since Netanyahu felt they needed to deny the fact of the intrusion, the industry experts believe that it might have been much more serious event than a simple server fault or even insignificant denial of service attack.

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