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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Facebook May Hinder Getting a Job

According to the recent survey, almost half of the students in the United Kingdom are afraid that information posted on Facebook could damage their prospects of getting a job.


Today so many young people are unemployed in the country that just having a job has become a kind of a desperate commodity. 42% of students started worrying that their prospective employers might judge them on data found on the Internet. Young people are particularly wary of such social network as Facebook. A poll conducted by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed that some extracurricular activities might look bad with a resume.

Actually, the students are right to worry. In our modern world some of the employers might have at least a quick glance at their applicants’ Facebook before suggesting people work for them. One of the employers admitted that prospective employees should be wary of what data about them is publicly available, because there is always likelihood that some curious boss will decide to check it out.

The respondents seem be wary enough – for example, one student at Goldsmiths University admitted that she was quite concerned about what was available to read on the Internet, because that isn’t exactly what the prospective employees would like employers to see. They confirm that they are concerned about being tagged in various images from the parties on social networks, particularly Facebook, because it doesn’t reveal their professional life but their personal life, and people might not want an employer to see that. So, you should remember that you are able to restrict what others can see on the social network and it is recommended to make sure you don’t have any pictures of yourself totally drunk.

Students at the University of Manchester claimed that they aren’t that worried about what data can be found online until they apply for career jobs. Of course, when they look for a proper career, they will be more conscious of what they publish online. Most of them have their pages on private, as well as their photos. Meanwhile, a person should make sure his or her profile picture is reasonably sensible to leave good impression. Further, if they add their boss as a friend, they would be more careful about posted statuses.

The conducted research revealed that a lot of applicants need to wake up to privacy. Over 30% of respondents who’ve moved address didn’t even bother to redirect their snail mail, thus leaving themselves open to identity theft. Meanwhile, over 65% never checked their credit rating, allowing suspicious credit applications pass by unnoticed.

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