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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UK Watchdog Wants ISPs Be Clearer

The telecoms watchdog of the United Kingdom named Ofcom has barked that Internet service providers should be clearer about how they manage traffic within their networks, as well as the speeds Internet users can expect to enjoy.

It seems that the outfit Ofcom is very cross that some of the UK major broadband providers, including TalkTalk, BT, and Virgin Media, restrict the speed of some bandwidth heavy services like P2P file-sharing without explaining clearly what they are doing and why they are doing that.

Ofcom CEO Ed Richards said in the interview to the local media that the Internet service providers, when trying to voluntarily publish information on traffic management, don’t go far enough. That’s why Ofcom got tired of it and now wants ISPs to make them clearer. Today it seems that traffic speeds and throttling polices are written by unknown people and then kept in unknown places. The regulator claimed that if the Internet service providers don’t change this position, Ofcom will simply force them to do that, at least because the methods that broadband providers use to control access to the web affect everyone, according to Ofcom CEO.

Meanwhile, the outfit didn’t have much problem with traffic management until it was used by Internet service providers to target competing services without its users even knowing about this. Still, Ofcom believes that broadband providers should make traffic management information available at the very first point of sale. Indeed, punters have a right to know about the speed they can expect to enjoy, the impact of traffic management, and if there’s a chance that some specific services would be blocked. 

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