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Thursday, November 24, 2011

CBS And CNET Sued Over Piracy Again

A number of musicians, writers and producers had cooperated to file a lawsuit against CBS and CNET over piracy.


Taking into account the fact that CBS and CNET are media giants, it may seem normal that they are covering stories over piracy, P2P and so on. Nevertheless, the Justice for Artists Coalition, which accounts for more than a hundred musicians, complained that these media groups had provided a decent collection of P2P programs and also raised a question over the “suitability” of such programs for violation. In addition, the media companies even offered tips on how to use the “evil” software.

The outfit claimed that both companies had been profiting for many years from copyright infringement by increasing their revenues with millions dollars. They said that CBS Interactive had quietly made money by inducing the Internet users to violate the law, by providing them P2P software coupled with step-by-step guides.

The coalition believes they have only scratched the surface, as more copyright owners would come forward to represent tens of thousands of more copyrighted works. The problem is that the verification process for identifying ownership is detailed and takes a lot of time, so the artists will keep on adding as they go.

The outfit complained that CBS Interactive and CNET have both non-infringing licensed content available on their sites, as well as the software encouraging copyright violation. Thus, the media giants did more to further this massive violation than even Napster or LimeWire had done by falsely legitimizing the applications and making them available to the masses. In addition, the artists emphasized that both companies have provided detailed instructions on how to use P2P software. They called CBS Interactive “the Pirate Bay of Corporate America”, who has literally distributed the illegal search and download instruments, which harmed content creators.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t the copyright owners’ first contact with both media giants. Indeed, the history with CBS Interactive and CNET started last December, when the coalition filed lawsuit against the outfits but failed in the court of law. Next month it started a class action lawsuit, and finally sued this past spring. However, the judge amended to only six copyrighted works, and after this the case was completely dropped.

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