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Sunday, November 27, 2011

eBay Will Encourage Developing Mobile Broadband

Online retailer eBay keeps telling the UK authorities to stop dragging their heels on plans for future information connectivity in the country. 

The company has figured out that in about 5 to 10 years time most people will be spending money on their mobile devices. The problem is the country’s comparatively poor data connectivity. eBay has published a paper titled “Seizing the Mobile Retail Opportunity”, telling about the change people are going to watch over the next 5-10 years. The above mentioned problem may delay the process. Meanwhile, the Silicon Valley company is recommending Ofcom to proceed with the 4G auction, hoping that the outfit needs to prioritize broadband coverage rollouts in rural areas and transport routes such as roads and railway.

eBay also warned against monopoly, asking the UK regulator to make it easier for smaller businesses to access spectrum and push white space technology. It argues that users keep purchasing things despite the recession. If the authorities help the industry to enable mobile devices to make shopping easier and more attractive, they can be rewarded by a substantial boost to the economy provided by consumers.

A lot of organizations at the forefront of mobile technology believe that we’ll soon see an always-connected environment, where there is no e-commerce or m-commerce, but there’s just commerce. Users having a decent connection always have an opportunity for consuming, and if the cost of data is relatively low, this will encourage consumers to shop more.

eBay revealed that there’s a paradox in the British economy: while the country is leading the way in lots of aspects of mobile adoption, it is still lagging behind in terms of infrastructure. Today’s problems with slow Internet speeds will only get worse with smartphone usage peaking and data demand increasing. The company explained that while the attempts of the companies to trial 4G mobile broadband in the capital of Great Britain are quite encouraging, they still need more wide-ranging action supported by the authorities.

eBay believes that Ofcom should be the one who takes the first and most important step, saying that the outfit’s number one priority is to proceed with the auction of the 4G spectrum as soon as possible in order to enable the rollout of fast broadband next year.

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