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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Game Piracy Grew 20% In 5 years

The recent research has revealed that unauthorized video game downloads have increased 20% in the last 5 years. Internet piracy of video games is still growing, even with nations all over the globe, especially the United Kingdom, France and the United States, mounting an attack on Internet piracy in 2011.

British Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has already asked Internet-based companies, including credit card companies and advertisers, to sever all ties with online services engaged into unauthorized downloading of copyrighted content. Hunt has also denied the accusations saying that blocking access to illegal content represented an attack on net neutrality. He claimed that illegal distribution of copyrighted content equals to theft, as well as to a direct assault on the freedoms and rights of content creators to be fairly remunerated for their efforts.

The country’s Culture Secretary said that they can’t allow some goods to be sold in the shops on the High Street, or allow them to be established for selling only counterfeited goods. So, the government should do its best to make it more difficult to access websites dedicated to the copyright violation. That’s the idea the gaming industry agrees with.

During the interview, the association for UK Interactive Entertainment chairman announced that around 250 people have been sitting in a studio for years building the latest Modern Warfare 3, and everyone can understand what money it cost and how much the industry loses because of pirates.

Another problem for the gaming industry is that Internet users tend to download video games from unauthorized websites. Many gamers admit that the illicit downloads usually provide them a window to the quality of the games before they can get a chance to purchase those.

According to the report, five of the top games of last year have already been illegally downloaded a million times. Meanwhile, in defence of Internet piracy, gamers explain that they actually pay for games thanks to free pirated trials – if they don’t get to try them, they never would have even bothered to buy them. None of them have ever been fined for the last ten years. They point out that they can only buy games they like and delete ones they don’t. Meanwhile, according to some other media reports, the growth rate of the movie piracy is even more than games – around 30% for the last 5 years.

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