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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Viacom Complaints About Infringement While Experiencing Raise

Industry members are already familiar with the Motion Picture Association of America and its methods of enforcing anti-piracy legislation. Many remembers 2008, when the movie industry pushed the PRO-IP Act through, which finally allowed the federal government to seize and take offline domain names that were regarded as copyright violators.

This year the Motion Picture Association of America has become the uncrowned king of the anti-piracy battle with the industry’s biggest campaigning – so-called “rogue websites” law, which a lot of users remember, thus granting more power to the same government.

Last year, Viacom, whose Paramount subsidiary is actually a member of Motion Picture Association of America, has told in the interview that a new wave of online piracy might threaten the media business of the United Stated, if the company lost its copyright infringement lawsuit launched against YouTube. The Motion Picture Association of America stated that when profits are reduced, the movie studios have less money to invest in the industry, which results in making fewer films. Finally, the diversity and variety of movies loved by us become too limited.

Meanwhile, CNN has recently reported on the twenty biggest CEO pay raises. Surprisingly enough, it turned out that Viacom’s head Philippe Dauman ended up on the first position, with a pay of over $50 million last year, which was 150% paycheck improvement if compared to his income in 2009 of $34 million. In addition, the plummeting revenues of the American copyright industry have already surpassed the entire country’s economy, but all this was old news. As for Viacom and the Motion Picture Association of America, they both refused to comment on this finding.

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