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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Re-Activate All PS3 PSN Contents

Good news For PS3 users that they are now able to activate there PSN contents offline. After Sony changed there licenses, every one owns PSN content need to re-activate them by going online. But with this method they can activate them offline. This is for CFW users who have bought some games before n cannot activate coz they cant go online with CFW. With this we can also activate downloaded Games, DLC's, Themes n enjoy them.

Hotz8611 has developed an application that will allow to make offline licenses for your Purchased games that $ony has deprived from u, that u need to pay again for your de-activated PSN contents. This is also great for the CFW users who can download n activate PSN contents for free.

Using this tool, you are be able to generate PSN licenses to activate PSN content. You can also backup your PSN license from this method.

U need these files Download them 1st:

reActPSN v2.0
vsh.self Patched

1st u need to patch ur PS3 with vsh.self file.

Follow the Link To patch ur PS3:
How to patch PS3 vsh.self

Then u need to do the following:

In short: After patching

-> Put USB or HDD drive in computer usb port. Drag the rap file of newly downloaded game to exdata folder on USB or HDD drive. Also drag the PSN, DLC, or PSONE .PKG's downloaded, to the root of your USB or HDD drive and install it like any other package.

-> Copy the folder "exdata" to a USB Thumb Stick or HDD goto your PS3 and place it in USB000 (Furthest slot to the right)
-> Create a new user called "aa" or rename your current "ReActPSN 2.0" user to "aa" again.

-> Run the ReActPSN tool, it will restart your PS3 w/ the license now active required to run the content.

-> Install the .pkg labeled "UP9000-NPUJ94163_00-0000000000000001.pkg" (Or any other downloaded PSN, DLC or PSone Classic game with .pkg on the end)

-> Run and enjoy!


Installing PKG's before or after doesn't matter

Installation Help

PKGs = Install from "Install Package Files" on XMB.

EDATs = install in hdd0/theme folder on internal ps3 hdd - For themes.

RAPs = need to be in folder called "exdata" on root of thumb drive. run reActPSN to activate themes. Dont forget to rename profile to aa before each use.

DLC's - ReActPSN DLC's

Themes - ReActPSN Themes

PSONE/MINIS - How to patch PS3 vsh.self

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