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Friday, November 18, 2011

Steam Credit Card Data Compromised

Valve’s download service Steam has been hacked, and security experts suspect that as a result, credit card data could be stolen. The company admitted that the intruders managed to hack a Steam database, which contains a lot of sensitive information, including user names, hashed and salted passwords, as well as information about the members’ game purchases, email addresses, and even encrypted credit card data.

However, there is still no precise evidence that could suggest that encrypted credit card numbers, as well as personally identifying data, were stolen by the intruders. They also can’t prove that the protection on the credit card numbers or passwords was broken. Still, everything may be revealed later, because the investigation is only in its early days.

The company’s statement read that Steam forums had been defaced on the 6th of November. Valve started to investigate the issue immediately after it figured out that the intrusion went beyond the forums. The company warned that punters are supposed to closely watch their credit card activity along with statements in order to make sure that the intruders haven’t found their way to use the data. Valve announced that there were not many forum accounts hacked. However, the company decided to ensure that all its members are protected, so all forum users will now need to change their passwords after they log in to the forums next time.

Thus far there haven’t been compromised Steam accounts revealed. This is supposed to mean that Valve wasn’t going to force a change of Steam account passwords as well. This is because those are different from forum passwords.

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